At MassTarg we segment online marketing into five categories. Our approach to online marketing is a step by step concept that delivers amazing results if followed. We offer the following services as one complete package:

Email Marketing

We create convincing emailers that move people to action. This is a win win idea for clients who want to remain relevant and stay in touch with their customers. With the changing marketing trends, eshots and Newsletters have become the most succesfull marketing tools for the modern companies.

Search Engine Optimization

How many times have you googled today?
At MassTarg we know that 80% of people with access to a computer and internate go straight to search engines for ansers to their problems. Based on this we provide a package that involves making enhancements to your website in order to improve its rankings in search engines.

Social Media Marketing

Word of mouth has evolved. These days people are active online more than ever. Facebook and Twitter being the top players can get your company more visible by millions of users in a very short time and if your site is professionally done you will definitely do well.

Payper click Marketing

Depending on your budget we can enable your company to appear as a sponsored link whenever a user searches with one of your keywords.

Web Design & Development

A good website has to have specific qualities and lucky enough we know those qualities. This is what separates our clients from the rest. A good designed website is ok. A good designed and coded website is even better. But what is much,much better is a recipe of good design, good code and good SEO. MassTarge prides itself as the company that offers proffesional web design & development.